You can download outputs from the project here including

working papers and conference presentations


Hughes, K. and Tarrant, A. (forthcoming) Advances in Qualitative Secondary Analysis, London: Sage

Journal articles

Tarrant, A. (2018) Care in an age of austerity: men’s care responsibilities in low-income families, Ethics and Social Welfare, 

Tarrant, A. (2016) Getting out of the swamp? Methodological reflections on using qualitative secondary analysis to develop research design, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, – Please contact Anna for a copy of this article if you are unable to access it.

Working Papers

Qualitative Secondary Analysis and research design: reflections on a methodological framework for data re-­use: Working Paper – QSA

Report from the data sharing workshop with primary researchers from the Following Young Fathers and Intergenerational Exchange research teams, Data Sharing Workshop Report

Conference Presentations

‘Getting out of the swamp’: Realist research and qualitative secondary analysis, The State of the art of realist methodologies, Realism Leeds 2015.


British Sociological Association 2015, A strategy for exploring men’s care responsibilities in low-income localities using qualitative secondary analysis


Qualitative Longitudinal Methods: an advanced workshop, FLaG, University of Leeds, June 2015, A methodological strategy for working effectively across qualitative longitudinal datasets as a secondary researcher